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Belle Terre Lavender

Meet Conor and Callie McGrath, owners of Belle Terre Lavender located in Benton City,Wa.

“I wanted to be surrounded by beauty and create my dream lifestyle. Conor had no objections to any of that. The idea for the lavender farm hit me like a bolt of lightning while i was floating around in our hot tub. It was such a strong jolt that i got out of the hot tub, ran inside dripping water everywhere, and asked if we could sell our house and start a lavender farm. Conor immediately said yes and everything fell into place.” Callie McGrath


“I believe people only think of lavender as something pretty to look at and to smell.  Lavender has an extremely long list of uses and benefits for the skin, healing, spiritual connection, and mental health. It promotes your brain to release serotonin and dopamine, it’s a pretty amazing plant!”

They currently have lavender-based products for skin care, bath & body, scents (rollerball, room spray, soap, and candles), and culinary lavender.

With all the products they are currently producing Callie says her favorites have to be the skin care line, magnesium cream, candles, and their Mud Ball bath bombs.


Everything is available on their website and you can also see their feature in the Spring/Summer Edition of Taylored Living Magazine.

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