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How to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a toll on many people, families, and organizations around the world. It has also resulted in difficult times for many of our local businesses, which are incredibly vital and unique to our individual communities. Some businesses have been forced to temporarily close, and many others have had to scale back or change their operations completely. While it’s easy to feel powerless in a time like this, there are still a few things we can do to support our local businesses.


Shop Remotely, Shop Online - Many businesses have an option to purchase their goods or services through their website, Facebook, via a phone call or through email.

Order Takeout or Delivery - Most restaurants have curbside pickup or even delivery options.

Purchase Gift Cards – For those businesses who are unable to remain open, purchase a gift card now to use later. This will help bridge the cash-flow gap for those businesses.

Order Ahead – Make your transactions easier and less stressful by placing your order prior to arriving.

Buy Local – Buy local and support small business owners, the people who live in your neighborhood and know your name. They really appreciate it.

Stay Home – If you are feeling at all ill. A cough, sore throat, fever or runny nose are all signs that you should stay home.

Write Good Reviews – Write 3 positive reviews of your favorite local businesses. Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all great sources to write reviews.

Utilize Social Media – Follow, Like, Share, Comment and spread the news of your local businesses to all of your friends and followers!

Be Understanding – We are in unprecedented times and some businesses have either been forced to temporarily close or have made the difficult decision to do so for safety reasons.


These simple changes can go a long way in helping businesses improve cash flow, keep employees on payroll, or just to feel connected and boost morale.

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Emergency housing

  • Housing assistance resources from the Department of Commerce

    While the Department of Commerce does not provide direct assistance for obtaining housing, they provide links to several resources on their housing webpage.

  • WA 211

    2-1-1 connects callers, at no cost, to critical health and human services in their community, including emergency housing assistance.


Food assistance

  • 2nd Harvest Eastern Washington directory of food banks

    Find your neighborhood food bank

  • Women, Infants and Children Program

    Families like yours get healthy food and a lot more through the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)

  • Basic Food page

    The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), called Basic Food in Washington, helps people with low incomes make ends meet by providing monthly benefits to buy food.

  • State Food Assistance Program

    Debit-style cards similar to those described above are available to many non-citizens who meet all the other program requirements. You can apply for this benefit with the State Food Assistance Program Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.  

  • Food Lifeline

    In Western Washington, find a Food Lifeline partner in your area. 

  • Northwest Harvest

    Throughout Washington, find a Northwest Harvest partner in your area

  • Local school district webpage

    Check your local school district webpage to find a meal service location near you.

  • Second Harvest

    In Eastern Washington, find a Second Harvest partner in your area. 

  • “Meals for Kids” Site Finder

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched an online tool – the “Meals for Kids” Site Finder – to help families find meals for children while schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Washington Community Living Connections

    Connect with home-delivery meals and similar services on the Washington Community Living Connections website. 

  • Washington State Department of Agriculture food acccess finder

    Find information about food pantries in your area on the Washington State Department of Agriculture's food assistance webpage 

  • Information for food providers

    The Washington State Department of Agriculture provides information for food providers,

  • Washington Connection

    Washington Connection offers a fast and easy way for families and individuals to apply for a variety of services such as cash, child care, long-term care, and Medicare Savings Programs

  • WA Food Fund relief effort

    The WA Food Fund relief effort is being managed by Philanthropy Northwest, a network of philanthropic organizations committed to helping communities across the Northwest.

  • Coastal Harvest Food Bank Locations

    Find food bank locations for the outer coast


Rent assistance