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4th of July

This year will be completely different than others, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  Unfortunately with these restrictions we are unable to provide any of our normal events, such as the flag raising ceremony, the kids parade and the Lions club fireworks show.  BUT with that said, we have been working very hard to come up with a safe alternative for our entire community to enjoy.

We would like to invite all businesses, organizations, groups, and families to join us in our 4th of July Lighted Community Procession!  It will begin after dark (at approx 10pm) and run throughout many neighborhoods and downtown, so families can enjoy safely from their driveways or parked vehicles along our route.  We encourage ALL participants and viewers to maintain the guidelines set fourth by our state and practice social distancing during our event.  

 Please print this form and return it to our office ASAP!



Benton City 4th of July Community Lighted Procession 
Event Information:


For those in the Procession-
- Line up will begin at approx 9:30 pm at the High School. Once you arrive, please just park behind the vehicle that is in front of you, to form a line. We will be practicing social distancing rules, so please stay in your vehicle.
- We will be leaving the high school promptly at 10 pm, with the routed map provided on our website. Please keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and maintain a forward moving procession. We will be going no slower than 10 mph. So everyone must be inside a vehicle or secure in a trailer.
- Be respectful and safe while driving through the neighborhoods!
- All ATV's, Motorcycles, etc must wear a helmet. This is a procession, we will have traffic coming towards us at any given time.
- Thank you for joining us and helping us provide a safe and fun experience for our communities children during these strange times! Have a great time!


For those who will be watching-
- Our route map is available on our website. If we are coming through your neighborhood, please take advantage of this and set up in your own yard. If we go past your street, please watch from the end of your street. If we do not go through your neighborhood, please take advantage of 9th Street, and park your vehicles to watch from there! We have tried to create a map to cover a large majority of our community, to make it easier for ALL to practice the social distancing guidelines set fourth by our state and keeping our community members healthy and safe!
- Please watch your children near the roads! We will be driving through your neighborhoods, in the dark.

** Please note that due to the inability to obtain road permits and have an actual parade (with the streets shut down to oncoming traffic), the procession will be faster moving. Due to this, we ask that all participants be in some type of motorized vehicle to be able to keep up at a minimum of 10mph.
Unfortunately this creates an issue with horses. We are saddened to announce this, but for the safety of our community members, roadways and our equestrian friends, we feel this is the safest alternative. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you on the 4th!

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