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Lions Club Field (3 & under)
Skate Park (All Ages)
City Park (7-10 only)
9th Street Business Area (all ages)
Mid-Columbia Libraries (all ages)
Boat Launch (all ages)
Legion Park (4-6 only)
Butterfly Garden (all ages)
City Walking Trail (all ages)​


- Eggs will be placed in PUBLIC areas throughout Benton City, city limits.

- Limit of 10 eggs per child.  Please leave some for the other kids. We will place out as many eggs as we can, but we would love for all the kids to have a chance to join in on the fun!

- Regular (Colored Eggs) will contain candy and small prizes. The Golden Eggs will provide a large prize redeemable at the Chamber of Commerce OR a cash prize inside the egg.

- All prizes are age 12 and under specific.

- The hunt begins at 12 Noon. Please DO NOT begin hunting before Noon.
- After the event, meet us at the Chamber office for photos with the Easter Bunny! Free pictures and contests! Beginning at 12:30 to 2pm.



Please contact the Benton City Chamber of Commerce with any questions at 509-588-4984 or email

Benton City Businesses & Organizations,

RE: We are in the midst of planning our 2023 Easter Events in Benton City and need your help on April 8th! 

In 2021 we started our very 1st Community Easter Egg Hunt, which was a complete success!  Our Chamber board hid over 3000 easter eggs throughout our Benton City Parks and downtown areas for the children to seek.  Eggs were filled with candy, toys, prizes and even cash.  We were able to provide all of this with donations from our community. 

With the event being so popular and bringing out so many of our Benton City families, we decided to continue this as an annual Chamber of Commerce Event.  So, in 2022 we reached out for help and with multiple businesses and organizations, we were able to double our amount of eggs to over 6000 and spread out to more locations!

With that being said, I am reaching out to see if any of you would like to sponsor an area for our 2023 event.  You would be responsible for your own volunteers to hide the eggs (eggs that we would provide you), and to make sure the kids play fairly (waiting until 12 noon to start, mainly).  

I have attached a map of the areas we would like to utilize.  If you are interested in sponsoring an area, please visit our website: or visit our office to sign up. 

We cannot guarantee you would get the area you specifically request, but we will do our best to work with you!  First come, first serve request basis, so please contact us ASAP, if you are interested joining.

As a business or organization, if you would like to donate any items for eggs or prizes, we would mix those up and make sure that each area had a little bit of everything donated.

We look forward to working together to bring the best events to our community, together!

Thank you for your time,

Windy Welch
Director of Public Relations
Benton City Chamber of Commerce

Volunteer/Location Registration

Are you interested in sponsoring a location during our easter events? We are looking for businesses and organizations to hide the eggs in multiple locations throughout Benton City.

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